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"The Power To Be Your Own Hero. You Decide Your Path To Glory"

MULTIVERSE HERO is a new blockchain collectable game that lets you level up your characters, manage their equipment and battle in real-time against other players. 6160 characters await you in the multiverse — each with its own unique stats, abilities and a path to follow. As you complete quests, level up, fight battles and explore this universe of heroes, you will come across unique items which can be traded in the marketplace

Upgrade your character's skills with tokens you earn through battling other players — but beware: the more damage your opponent takes, the higher the value of their tokens will be!

Our Games

Our Game

MULTIVERSE HEROES will be playable on pc android and ios starting with a web app and transitioning into a downloadable app from the major app stores



MV-HEROES will feature 6 climates upon release allowing users different worlds to begin and play through there journey



Every player will have the opportunity to purchase a base hero to play MULTIVERSE HEROES with the option to customize them with different outfits armor and more as time passes we will add new packs into the game allowing for more unique customization options kind of like "Skins" in the ever popular game Fortnite


Climate Based

Every character npc and creature both good and bad that you encounter on your MULTIVERSE journey will be different depending on the climate you choose to be placed into 

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